Right To Know MN is a campaign started by concerned citizens to make the labeling of GMOs the law in Minnesota. We are a coalition of farmers, health advocates, families, and others who support healthy foods. We're moms, dads, brothers, sisters, daughters, and sons from all different walks of life, who believe we have the right to know what's in the foods we eat.


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    MInnesota's Fight to Label GMOs Makes the Front Page of Star Tribune Today!

    GMO Labeling made the front page of the Star Tribune this am! Despite what the headline says- the battle ahead is a long one- the industry wants us to be silenced and for it to be over. No chance! How can you help? ... 1.Share your support for our State legislation. The session starts March 8th. 2.Push back on the FALSE industry claims: -  about "proven " GMO safety ( scientific results are mixed at best and heavily skewed to the industry) -claims of less pesticide use ( check the USDA's own census data on the increase in pesticide use) - the ridiculous claim that we will have a "patchwork of laws" (we are actually a coordinated and cohesive multi-State effort) - And claims that labels will cost the consumer more (Campbell's own comments proves it will not) We will be submitting a Letter to the Editor this week to the Star Tribune. Hopefully, it will be printed. http://e.startribune.com/Olive/Tablet/StarTribune/
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    Right to Know MN's Jim Riddle's Letter to the Editor (Dec. 2015)

    November 30, 2015   To the editor:   At the recent Minnesota Farmers Union convention, delegates voted overwhelmingly to “oppose efforts in Congress to prohibit States from implementing mandatory GMO labeling laws.” MFU was already on record in support of mandatory GMO labeling at the State and Federal levels. Believe or not, there are some in the U.S. Senate who intend to attach a rider to the upcoming omnibus bill to outlaw States and the Federal government from requiring that foods containing genetically engineered ingredients be labeled as such.   This desperate, undemocratic action in unacceptable. It is clear that genetically engineered crops and foods are substantially different from normal crops and foods. After all, they are patented because they possess unique properties.   Normal corn does not kill insects, but genetically engineered Bt corn has an insecticidal protein in every cell of the plant to kill insects. Normal soybeans, sugar beets, corn, canola and alfalfa die when exposed to certain herbicides, but GE herbicide tolerant crops can withstand multiple applications, and have been shown to have high residues of herbicides in the crops.   Even if you support genetic engineering, this is no way to make law, in the dark of night, with no debate, limiting States’ rights. Please call your U.S. Senators and let them know that you oppose efforts to deny Americans the right to know what is in their food.   Call the U.S. Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121 and a switchboard operator will connect you directly with your Senator’s office. Please call as soon as possible.   Respectfully submitted,   Jim Riddle Blue Fruit Farm 31762 Wiscoy Ridge Road Winona, MN 55987
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