Right To Know MN is a campaign started by concerned citizens to make the labeling of GMOs the law in Minnesota. We are a coalition of farmers, health advocates, families, and others who support healthy foods. We're moms, dads, brothers, sisters, daughters, and sons, from all different walks of life, who believe we have the right to know what's in the foods we eat.


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    Right To Know MN's Jim RIddle's Letter to Editor (Aug 2015 )

    Organic farmer and owner of Blue Fruit Farm, Minnesota Farmers Union member, and Right To Know Minnesota Board Member,Jim Riddle wrote a spot-on letter-to-the-editor about the recent passage of HR 1599, also called the DARK-Deny Americans the Right to Know-Act. We agree with Jim wholeheartedly and we also "expect our members of Congress to protect the interests of Americans, including his constituents, over the financial interests of the industry." Winona Daily News- Congress Should Support GMO Labeling
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    Tell US House to Support our Right To Know!

    Fill out the form below to send your Congress representative a message that Congress should not tread on state rights and hog-tie the FDA's ability to change rulings! We need GMO foods labeled, because we do not have sufficient data nor openly shared data on the long-term health impacts of consuming GMO foods on a daily basis.  
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