Right To Know Minnesota is a campaign started by citizens concerned about foods containing GMOs. We are a coalition of farmers, health advocates, families and others who support food that is healthy for our families and for our environment. We believe we have a Right To Know what is in the foods we eat. Right To Know Minnesota was founded in 2011 with the goal of fighting for Minnesotans Right To Know what is in their food. This included labeling GMOs in the State of Minnesota. With the passage of the Dark Act in mid-2016, we lost the ability to clearly label GMOs in our State. We lost that battle. But educated and empowered consumers are proving they are the clear winners as they become more demanding about their food.

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    Headed to the State Fair?

    TAKE ACTION! Headed to the State Fair?? This is a FANTASTIC time to meet in-person with members of our  US Congressional Delegation. Please seek out your US House Representative and both of your US Senators. Make sure they know they are not OFF THE HOOK for their votes that made the DARK ACT the law of the land! Ask them to RECONSIDER and support CT Senator Blumenthal’s repeal efforts.   Why is the DARK ACT passed by Congress last month a bad deal for consumers?                   2-3 year delay on GMO labeling                  NO PENALTIES for non-compliance (so it's called mandatory-but actually voluntary )                 NO RECALLS of mislabeled food                 EXEMPTIONS for refined sugar, oils, starches refined oils, milled corn                 EXEMPTIONS for genetic engineering by synthetic biology, CRISPR/cas9, gene                   editing, gene cassettes                 LOOPHOLES that could exclude herbicide tolerant crops and many BT toxins                         Insecticide producing crops                 ALLOWS QR codes, toll-free numbers or an undetermined symbol to replace simple                         WORDS ON PACKAGE                 UNDEFINED TOLERANCE THRESHOLD for allowable level of GMO contamination                 IMMEDIATELY PREEMPTS Vermont’s Mandatory labeling law which took effect on 7/1                    Where can I find them at the State Fair?                  -Find Sen Klobuchar’s booth on the North Side of Judson Ave. between Nelson and                 Underwood Street. You can also find her and ask her a question ON THE AIR on                  Thur. Sept 1st from 12n-1p during the LIVE MPR BROADCAST                 At the MPR Stage at the corner of Judson and Nelson. Last year we were                 Able to ask her 2 questions about GMO Labeling. And we got 2 evasive responses.                   -Find Sen Franken’s booth on the West Side of Underwood Street between Judson                     And Carnes Ave.                  -DFL Booth is at the Northeast corner of Dan Patch Ave. and Cooper St.                -Republican Party of MN Booth is on the South Side of Carnes Ave. between Nelson                   And Underwood St.    Send us a message with any responses you get back from them or their staff.
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    Stop The DARK ACT! Backroom Deal Will Keep You in the DARK!

    Special interest forces announced a “compromise” on GMO Labeling last week. The bill is headed for a vote in the US Senate on Wednesday, July 6, 2016.  Touted as a mandatory, national GMO labeling program, this bill looks like a win for consumers.  Don’t be fooled! The bill is opposed by every major consumer group that is working on the GMO Labeling issue, including Citizens for GMO Labeling, Consumers Union, Center for Food Safety, Organic Consumers Association and hundreds of others.  The bill includes loopholes and delays that mean it will likely never be implemented in a meaningful way. If you don’t believe us, you should believe the Administration’s own Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  The FDA is no fan of GMO Labeling.  Despite this, they issued guidance to the US Senate Agriculture Committee that shows how flawed the current bill is, including the following critiques: The definition of bioengineering in this bill is so ambiguous and narrow that it “will likely mean that many foods from GE sources will not be subject to this bill. For instance, oil made from GE soy would not have any genetic material in it. Likewise, starches and purified proteins would not be covered.”   The FDA further comments that it “may be difficult” for ANY GMO food to qualify for labeling under the bill in that it would have to be proven that a GMO product’s modification could not be achieved through conventional breeding or be found in nature – something near impossible to determine. This means most GMO foods would not be subject to mandatory labeling under this bill.    Roberts/Stabenow GMO Labeling bill is not a compromise AND not a step towards mandatory GMO Labeling. It is an industry proposal, designed to thwart the will of the 90% of Americans who want to know what’s in their food.   Call 866-772-3843 to contact your US Senator today. Urge them to VOTE NO on cloture on the Roberts/Stabenow bill
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