Right To Know MN is a campaign started by concerned citizens to make the labeling of GMOs the law in Minnesota. We are a coalition of farmers, health advocates, families, and others who support healthy foods. We're moms, dads, brothers, sisters, daughters, and sons from all different walks of life, who believe we have the right to know what's in the foods we eat.


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    Stop The DARK ACT! Backroom Deal Will Keep You in the DARK!

    Special interest forces announced a “compromise” on GMO Labeling last week. The bill is headed for a vote in the US Senate on Wednesday, July 6, 2016.  Touted as a mandatory, national GMO labeling program, this bill looks like a win for consumers.  Don’t be fooled! The bill is opposed by every major consumer group that is working on the GMO Labeling issue, including Citizens for GMO Labeling, Consumers Union, Center for Food Safety, Organic Consumers Association and hundreds of others.  The bill includes loopholes and delays that mean it will likely never be implemented in a meaningful way. If you don’t believe us, you should believe the Administration’s own Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  The FDA is no fan of GMO Labeling.  Despite this, they issued guidance to the US Senate Agriculture Committee that shows how flawed the current bill is, including the following critiques: The definition of bioengineering in this bill is so ambiguous and narrow that it “will likely mean that many foods from GE sources will not be subject to this bill. For instance, oil made from GE soy would not have any genetic material in it. Likewise, starches and purified proteins would not be covered.”   The FDA further comments that it “may be difficult” for ANY GMO food to qualify for labeling under the bill in that it would have to be proven that a GMO product’s modification could not be achieved through conventional breeding or be found in nature – something near impossible to determine. This means most GMO foods would not be subject to mandatory labeling under this bill.    Roberts/Stabenow GMO Labeling bill is not a compromise AND not a step towards mandatory GMO Labeling. It is an industry proposal, designed to thwart the will of the 90% of Americans who want to know what’s in their food.   Call 866-772-3843 to contact your US Senator today. Urge them to VOTE NO on cloture on the Roberts/Stabenow bill
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    Birchwood Boost is Supporting Right To Know Minnesota!

    Birchwood Boost supports local nonprofits whose work aligns with our "Good Real Food" values. Food connects us all (everyone eats!) and food systems are a critical point of action for addressing human and environmental health, climate change & social justice issues. Birchwood Boost will partner with six organizations per year, so that our entire community can engage in the good work they do! Read more > CURRENT PARTNER Right to Know Minnesota is a campaign led by a coalition of farmers, health advocates, families, and others to make the mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods (GMOs) the law in Minnesota. They believe we all have the right to know what’s in the foods we eat. And we agree! At the Birchwood, we support Right to Know’s campaign because it evens the playing field for food businesses, provides transparency, and gives people the information we need to make our best choices about our food.   BOOST EVENTS Meet Right to Know MinnesotaMondays, 6-8pm: April 4 & 18, May 2 & 16Saturdays, 11am-1pm: April 2 & 23, May 7 & 21Sunday, May 15 / Noon to 2pm Stop by the front of the cafe to meet with folks from Right to Know MN to learn more about what YOU can do to #LabelGMOs! They'll be at the cafe on multiple dates, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to have real face-time & hear first-hand about their work! Boost Movie NightThursday, April 23 / 7pm to 9pm Gather with us in the Community Room to learn more about one of the world’s most precious resources and the threat GMOs pose to them in the film “Open Sesame: The Story of Seeds.” Seeds are as essential to life as the air we breathe or water we drink, but given far less attention. This moving documentary illuminates what is at stake and what can be done to protect the source of nearly all our food. We’ll have food & drink specials, too! Register your free seat at www.bit.ly/BoostMovieNightRTK Earth Day Booster Club DinnerThursday, April 21 / 7pm to 9pm Join Right to Know, MN State Representative Karen Clark, and Pollinate MN's Erin Rupp in our Community Room to celebrate Earth Day! GMOs have a significant impact on our planet’s ecosystems, specifically pollinators, who are essential to growing Good Real Food! Enjoy an inspiring (and delicious) evening AND support Right to Know MN! Tickets and more details at www.bit.ly/BoosterClubDinner ABOUT BOOST By highlighting Good Real FOOD as a solution, we aspire to engage more people in a culture of service to create positive, lasting change. For two months at a time, our cafe will collaborate with a local nonprofit organization to do the following: Advance Awareness We’re going to put our partner organizations center stage and get the word out about their work by highlighting their programs and impact through our newsletters, social media, our website and signage in the cafe. Facilitate Fundraising Our servers will invite customers to round up at the register to “Boost” these organizations—pocket change, just like our individual action steps, has the power to add up! We’ll also host a Booster Club Dinner in our Community Room for an inspiring evening of Good Real Food and special guests. Together, we can start a ripple effect that expands far beyond our plates and into the broader world. Encourage Engagement We’ll co-host events with our partners and provide our community with real, face- time opportunities to meet these people and hear first-hand about their work. Our partners will present information and action steps that can make a difference. Our current Boost partner is featured above. You can also find out more through our social media and by visiting the cafe. Or, sign up for our e-newsletter for up-to-date info on events and action steps you can participate in. Together, we can#BeTheChange! back to top
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